Hubei Forbon Technology to set up China JV with Canada's Soiloptix Inc

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Hubei Forbon Technology Co Ltd Says it plans to invest 76.5 million yuan ($11.11 million) to set up China joint venture with Canada's Soiloptix Inc.


About Soiloptix Inc:

The SoilOptix® scanner detects gamma radiation rays emitted by the soil to provide a complex picture of its condition at 335 points of data per acre, taken along with physical soil samples that are integrated into our readings to understand the variability in nutrients and textures across the field. SoilOptix® uses proprietary software to translate this information into high definition digital maps and generic shapefiles to be loaded into any GIS platform. The scan measures and maps all common nutrient properties along with various soil textures, plus plant available water and bulk density. The resulting data is VRA ready to maximize seeding and input performance.


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