Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited ( 371.HK) acquires Hong Kong Kai Fat Group

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Beijing Enterprises Water Group announced that the company acquired Hong Kong Kai Fat Group and entered the sea cleaning business. Established in 1983, Hong Kong Kai Fat Group is the main partner of the Hong Kong Government in undertaking marine garbage cleaning and treatment. As the sole contractor for 17 consecutive years, it is responsible for the cleaning of Hong Kong waters and the treatment of marine oil pollution, including the interception and collection of marine oil, clean up remaining marine hazards and hazardous materials.


Beijing Enterprises Water Group said that as of now, the company focuses on two major businesses, water and marine environment. It has developed in the fields of solid waste, sanitation, industrial water treatment, seawater desalination, and clean energy.


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We recently were made aware of scammers using the name of members of Sino Capital and the official website illegally. Scammers claim to be a family office firm and used our official website in their emails and business cards to fake their legitimacy. They also redirected their other domains in the email to our official website.

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